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长期公开精准单双Mersen is pleased to announce the expansion of its portfolio of electrical protection components with the availability of a groundbreaking series of DC Overcurrent Protection Solutions for electric vehicles and battery-related applications. Mersen's new Xp and Xs Series hybrid devices and Mersen's expanded line of DC fuses provide complete coverage of the whole DC protection spectrum from low to high fault currents, resettable or not, low to virtually no power loss and high duty-cycle compliant over the entire voltage and current DC range.

Mersen’s Xp Series’ heart is composed of an ultra-fast-acting pyro-element with self-triggered and/or external ignition capacity. This protection meets custom design requirements of very fast operating time, extremely low watt losses, and high cycling performances up to 1,000 VDC. The Xs Series is a resettable 750 VDC arc-less hybrid power relay with the capability of switching both high voltage and high current. Both systems provide maximum flexibility in equipment design and the ultimate in protection. They have been engineered to provide protection for DC applications: e-mobility, Electrical Energy Storage, EV/HEV, SmartGrid, and PV installations.

Mersen’s EVpack-fuse (battery pack fuse) and M-fuse (battery module fuse) are ultra-fast-acting DC fuses designed to address specific needs in EV/HEV and battery storage systems. With complete protection from 100 up to 1,000 VDC and up to 600A with Minimum Breaking Capacity (MBC) < 3kA for a perfect matching with DC contactors, these fuse families have been fully tested in DC conditions to guarantee fast and reliable protection for large fault currents.

According to Philippe Roussel, VP Global Strategic Marketing, SPM, “Mersen has transformed our product offering to keep pace with the technological advancements and demands of the Electric Vehicle (EV/HEV) and Electrical Energy Storage (EES) markets. We are committed to push boundaries and introduce game-changing disruptive technologies to make EV/HEV and EES applications safer and more reliable.”

The EVpack-fuse and M-fuse families, as well as the Xp and Xs Series products, are available immediately.

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